About the Artist: Kendra Suesz

I am a Lincoln native and self-taught artist. I received my MA in Cultural Anthropology from UNL in 2011, and have an interest in religion and folklore. However, my true passion is drawing and painting, and I have found my niche in painting rain barrels. I enjoy creating a unique and functional piece of art. When I'm not painting rain barrels or working on other art projects, I enjoy being outdoors, music, reading and spending time with my dog Toby and fiancé Mark.

Other rain barrels by this artist:
2011: "Suncatcher Sonata"
2012: "How Koi"
2014: "Guiding Me Home"

Artwork Interpretation: "Like it's always been before"

Every year, Sandhill cranes make the long journey from their wintering Southern habitats to their breeding grounds of North America, making their notable stop along Nebraska's Platte River Valley. The rain barrel depicts the cranes' journey and the varying scenery of their long voyage. Just as the Sandhill cranes have made it a habit of resting along the Platte River Valley, many people have made it a tradition to make their own voyage to see these birds each spring. The sighting of the cranes marks the return of spring and the rain that typically accompanies it. To me, this rain barrel represents the cyclical pattern of life and the customs that are seamlessly woven through it, as well as a symbol of spring and new beginnings.