About the Artist: Kimberly Morris

Kimberly Morris is a 16 year old Lincoln artist. She has had a passion for art since she was little, and finds most of her inspirations in nature or her imaginative way of thinking. She considers herself to be a realist painter but enjoys several other forms like abstract which she feels is better at showing and stirring emotions and ideas. She tries to find the beauty behind everyone and everything. While she focuses most of her time with drawing and painting and home schooling she also loves basketball, running, writing poems and short stories, and practicing sculpturing when she has the time.

Other rain barrels by this artist:
2011: "A White Picket Fence"

Artwork Interpretation: "Limitless"

Too often creativity is lost after we grow up. Children see things in an innocent, unknowing manner. "Limitless" expresses how much of the universe we don't understand, so much of it is still to be explored and seen by people. We can only imagine what is out there in space. The possibilities are limitless when all we have is our imagination.