About the Artist: Lynette Fast & Students: Allie Fanton, Blake Stanley, Ellie Orchard, Lauren Steckelberg, Delia Thompson, Garrett Jensen, McGinness Schneider, and Clarissa Tan

Teaching visual arts in Lincoln Public Schools for 26 years has brought me a breath of insight about the art of teaching visual arts. In my local community, I have served on the LUX Center for the Arts Education Committee for five years. As a curriculum facilitator at Sheldon Art Gallery's Statewide Exhibit and the Museum of Nebraska Art Permanent Collection Curriculum Development, I worked with many outstanding art specialists from across Nebraska. In 2012, I began serving as co-president elect of the Nebraska Art Teacher's Association for a 6-year term. I am an associate artist in two art galleries and sell my work online. Besides creating my own artwork, I teach private art lessons to students weekly. I am fortunate to have received several awards including the Nebraska Art Teacher Association Art Teacher of the Year in 2003, Nebraska Art Teacher Association Middle School Art Teacher of the Year in 2000, Award of Merit from the American Architecture Foundation in 2005, and Lincoln Public Schools Gold Star Award in 2002. I love creating in many mediums: jewelry, sculpture, mixed media, painting, and drawing. Teaching and creating are my passion. I am a lifelong learner. I love to attend events where I can be around artists all the time. My days are awesome because I get to ignite thinking like an artist in others.

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2012: "Artists Playing Around"

Artwork Interpretation: "Great Outdoor Adventures"

Lynette Fast, in collaboration with students: Allie Fanton, Blake Stanley, Ellie Orchard, Lauren Steckelberg, Garrett Jensen, and McGinness Schneider.

Bring together the playful attitude of 7 artists and "Great Outdoor Adventures" is the collaborative result. Each of 6 private art lesson students, ages 5-13, created a fun, colorful, and full of energy interpretation of the things they like to do outside. Fishing, hiking, 4 wheeling, playing soccer, painting landscapes, riding bicycles, hot air balloon races, flying kites, and playing with dogs are all arranged to be interactive and unified. Each individual planned their own composition and learned acrylic painting techniques throughout this collaborative experience.