About the Artist: Natasha Hahn

Natasha Hahn grew up in Hickman, Nebraska and graduated from Norris High School. In 2009 she won the Congressional Art Competition and spent time in Washington, D.C. to see her work in the United States Capitol. Shortly after returning she started at the Art Institute of Colorado. After two years at AIC she discovered a love for education through the art programs at the local elementary schools that she was heavily involved with and decided to transfer to Doane College to pursue Art Education where she is currently a senior. Natasha is passionate about photography, alternative processes, art history, painting and sculpture.

Artwork Interpretation: "Seahorse"

I intend to grab the eye with color, repetition and rhythm in this piece. The seahorses seem to dance around the barrel in a fluid motion, the energy lies within the saturated colors vibrating off one another. Each seahorse is unique yet they are unified. The flatness of the piece gives no hint of illusion to the depth and keeps the focus on the color and shape. This piece is meant to be fun and energetic! I hope all are able to enjoy it.