About the Artist: Pamela Ovwigho & Girl Scouts Troop 20497

We are the high-energy, fun-loving, creative and caring girls of Troop 20497! Together we explore the world, hone our leadership skills, laugh until our sides hurt, and dance until we drop. As Girl Scouts, we're dedicated to working together and to making the world a better place. Creating beautiful art & conserving water are two great ways to do that! We have personal experience with using rain barrels when we helped maintain the plants in our school's outdoor classroom through the long hot summer. Something as precious as water definitely deserves a fantastic container like our rain barrel!

Artwork Interpretation: "Girl Scout Ocean"

This barrel shows many aquatic animals and plants that live in our oceans, lakes, rivers, and ponds. We also painted a boat, the S.S Troop #20497 to symbolize how we worked together like a boat crew to paint this rain barrel. We had fun painting Girl Scout Ocean and are glad it contributes to the Lincoln Children's Zoo.