About the Artist: PJ Hollamon and Kayla Johnson

PJ Hollamon and Kayla Johnson are both 8th graders who share a love for the game of soccer. They have been teammates and close friends since they were 7 years old. They spent 9 hours working on this piece with zero complaints and only one hour break to enjoy the nice February weather. What did they choose to do with that hour? Juggle the soccer ball of course. The two of them also have a bucket list of things they want to accomplish together. One of which was painting a rain barrel for charity, they can now check that off their list.

Sporting Lincoln FC is the premier European soccer academy in the Midwest and a Junior Affiliate of Sporting Kansas City of Major League Soccer. Our coaches have experience running professional youth academies in Europe and are instrumental in establishing a culture and structure to our club, delivering a curriculum with the highest of standards. We cater to many levels of participation, with the ultimate goal of player development and advancement.

Artwork Interpretation: "Beach Dreams"

This piece began as a random sunset with a lone palm tree that PJ had painted for her mom. Once the girls started painting the beach scene they quickly decided it needed more stuff. The ideas started flowing quickly along with lots and lots of giggles. These girls have a strange fascination with googly eyes and of course they found the perfect place for them on the crab and fish. Although we don't have beaches like this here in Nebraska the girls can always dream of the sun on their skin and sand between their toes.