About the Artist: Sadie Johnson

Sadie Johnson was born with a paintbrush in her hands. Since a child she has been incredibly creative by expressing herself through the arts. As a one-year old, Sadie found a bottle of shaving cream and began drawing on our kitchen floor. Growing up, she has made hundreds of clay figurines, jewelry & beading, paintings that were sold at her school fair and detailed pencil drawings. She enjoys participating in theater and is currently starring in Beauty & The Beast. She is volunteering as the make-up artist as well.

Sadie is in 8th grade at Scott Middle School. She is the daughter of Linda Beck and Mark Johnson. She has two younger siblings, Zoe and Turner. Her favorite animals are cats. Her favorite person is her gran and she loves spending time with her in Kearney. Sadie's hobbies, other than art, include baking, hanging out with her friends, shopping and tinkering on her iphone.

Artwork Interpretation: "Silhouette"

This painting is my interpretation of the silhouettes of animals on land and in the sea.