About the Artist: Sam Tate

Samantha 'Sam' Tate is a sixth grade student at Culler Middle School. She attended Huntington elementary school where she became interested in art after her friends asked her to draw their name in bubble letters. Her mother, Tyra, has been artistic for many years and her grandmother, Patricia 'Pat', has helped Sam on her artistic journey as well. After drawing many trees as sticks without any dimension, grandma Pat showed her how to draw a real tree trunk with big branches and leaves. This led Sam to practice drawing and find her one true love. Sam loves to draw many things, including dragons. She has continued her elementary tradition of creating artwork for classmates. Sam loves to challenge herself and has recently started to hone her skills at drawing realistic animals. When Sam isn't drawing, she loves to read graphic novels, eat pomegranates and her new favorite color is neon green.

Artwork Interpretation: "Soar and Be Free"

The title of this piece represents animals in nature enjoying the freedom of their own homes. There is a sunset to represent my calm mood. Sometimes, my friend Jaedyne and I can be unruly and crazy like the rainstorms that can sweep across Lincoln, leaving destruction in their path. Although my parakeet is restricted to my room and sometimes the entire house, I wish that he could 'Be Free' like the birds on the barrel. He can be free to fly, soar and be happy. However, if my Parakeet, Sheldon left my room, I would be lost without him. My art teacher, Ms. Seacrest helped me learn how to create more realistic drawings of the parts of nature that I love most. My friend Jaedyne and I collaborated on this project. Through the process we made something that we are very proud of.