About the Artist: Tamara Weber

Art Planet is a new studio in Lincoln offering classes in a fun, comfortable space where kids, families and adults can experience art in the everyday. Art Planet classes utilize a variety of media (paint, clay, recycled junk) and influences (science, cooking, literature, even live animals) throughout all its activities.

Designed by the director, Tamara Weber, this rain barrel submission for the 2013 program features the artwork of all the students who attend classes at the studio where they often draw inspiration from the splatter painted floor, famous artists and each other!

Weber holds a BFA in Fine Arts and a Master's Degree in Special Education. She has worked primarily in pottery, textiles and photography and is a member of the Nebraska Art Teachers Association. Tamara is a Lincoln artist and resident who enjoys homeschooling her three kids, cooking and entertaining, and listening to live music in coffee shops. She is always looking for new ways to make art!

For more information about Art Planet, visit: www.artplanetlincoln.com

Artwork Interpretation: "Fitting Together"

When you look at this rain barrel, perhaps the first thing you notice is the overlapping puzzle pieces. Or perhaps you first notice all the images in and around the puzzle pieces, each uniquely designed and painted by over 20 different Art Planet students. This barrel is equally both about the puzzle piece design, representing those students who have autism, and about the images painted using abstract expressionism as their inspiration. It is the hope of Art Planet's Director, Tamara Weber, that what you see is each student's wonderful creativity... something we all share and can experience together. While many people tend to look for and find the differences which exist between all of us, this barrel is about bringing all those pieces together to take a look at how we all fit together in a world that offers us many of the same experiences, but not all the same opportunities. Perhaps through opportunities such as this one, we can share ideas and continue to strive for a world where we all fit together rather than remain apart.