Financial and Employment


Financial counseling is available to people age 60 and over; this includes information on Medicare, Medicare supplemental insurance policies, life and long term care policies, and Reverse Mortgages home equity loans for home owners who quality. Questions regarding eligibility call Aging Partners at 402-441-7070.

The Nebraska Department of Insurance provides assistance with insurance information and with filing complaints.

The Senior Health Insurance and Information Program (SHIIP) assists with insurance-related questions or concerns, including Medicare, supplemental insurance, supplies of SHIIP forms, SHIIP Medicare handouts, a drug discount card and nursing home care. For more information call 1-800-234-7119.

CIMRO-NE assists with quality assurance of health care delivered to Medicare beneficiaries in Nebraska.

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services provides information about the Medicaid program for low income persons. View "What is Medicaid?"

National Health Insurance Resources

Senior Medicare Patrol Project (SMP) educates Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries on how to identify, report, and prevent health care errors, fraud and waste. A free presentation can be arranged for community groups in the Aging Partners eight-county service area. To schedule your presentation, call 402-441-7070 or Toll free at 1-800-247-0938.


Home Handyman

Earn an income while helping older home owners remain in their homes. Many older adults can no longer perform the maintenance work required to keep their home safe, in good repair and energy-efficient. If you enjoy performing simple home repairs, we encourage you to sign up for this employment opportunity. Handymen and women also perform seasonal yard work, such as cleaning gutters, mowing, raking and snow removal. Sign up today! Call 402-441-7030.

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