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JoAnn Maxey Center

2032 "U" Street, Lincoln, NE 68503
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Manager: Pam Lander
Phone: 402-441-7849
Operating Hours: Wednesdays & Fridays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


This JoAnn Maxey Center is a principal source of opportunities, activities and information relating to aging. It is the place in the community where you may spend time with others and share experiences as well as a nutritious meal. Please come join us.


The first center sponsored by Aging Partners in the Malone area was located in the Newman United Methodist Church, 2242 "R" Street, from 1975-1983. The Clyde Malone Community Center, at the original location of 2030 "T" Street, sponsored "Happy Time Club" for the elderly in the early 70's. When the new Malone Community Center was opened in 1983 the center moved to the current location at 2032 "U" Street.

In 1995 the center was renamed in honor of the late JoAnn Maxey, beloved Center Manager from 1986-1992. JoAnn Maxey was an active, enthusiastic leader for the black community. Mrs. Maxey was the first black women to serve in the Nebraska Legislature when she was appointed to the vacant 46th District seat in 1976 by former Governor J. James Exon. She became the first black person to serve on the Lincoln School Board when she was elected in 1975. Mrs. Maxey was elected president of the School Board in 1981.

An opportunity for Mrs. Maxey to distinguish her career came after the Governor vetoed the Displaced Homemaker Bill, legislation designed to assist middle aged women who because of divorce, death, or separation find themselves suddenly
left with no means of support. Convincing her fellow legislators of the need for the bill she succeeded in getting an override of the veto 31 to 14.

The JoAnn Maxey Elementary School is also named in her honor.


Transportation: Transportation is provided within a specific boundary area. Call the center for details, 402-441-7849. If you would like to use the van, the suggested contribution is only $2 each way, ($4 round trip). Please call 402-441-7863 the day before you need the van to schedule your pick up time.

Health Station: On the third Wednesday of each month there is a Public Health Nurse Clinic at JoAnn Maxey Senior Center beginning at 10 a.m. This is a free service.

Commodities: Commodities are distributed the second Monday of each month to those who qualify for this service. Call Becky Carey at 402-438-5238 to register and have your commodities available for pickup at the JoAnn Maxey
Senior Center.

Shopping Assistance: Shopping assistance is available on alternating Tuesdays at B & R, 17th and Washington. Call 402-441-7849 for information.

My Center News: My Center News is filled with monthly activities and events. These newsletters are available for free at your local senior center or by mail for a suggested contribution of $6 per year for those 60+ and an $8 fee for those under age 60. Call 402-441-7849 for details.

Exercise: Exercise activities are offered at 9:30 a.m.