Planning Ahead

At Aging Partners, we believe the best way to ensure a successful life is to plan for it.

Retirement: The Big Picture

The best time to plan for retirement is before you retire. Take the time to consider what you want your retirement to look like. Where do you want to live? What activities do you enjoy? Time with family? Traveling? Education? Hobbies? A second career or part-time employment? Who do you want to spend your time with? How much money will it take?

We encourage you to make these plans, before you find yourself in a situation for which you may be unprepared. If you have a plan, but have experienced life changes, it may be time for a plan update.

Counselors at Aging Partners can give you and your loved ones information and guidance. You will have the peace of mind needed to enjoy your retirement.

The Financial Pieces

At Aging Partners, we have certified counselors who can help you with financial planning, income, property or other taxes, understanding and paying medical bills, problems with credit card balances and bankruptcy protection. They offer educational opportunities to help you make wise use of your resources.

Aging Partners also offers expertise in income tax, Homestead Exemption tax credits and reverse mortgages.

The Insurance Maze

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by a sea of paperwork? It may be complicated or confusing. You may suspect that you are the victim of a scam. At Aging Partners, our certified counselors stay up-to-date on insurance, Medicare and long-term care insurance. They will walk with you through, step-by-step and answer your questions to find the best solution for your needs.

Legal Matters

A successful life plan includes a will. A will is your chance to direct what happens after your death. Your will ensures that your loved ones receive what you want them to have, rather than letting the court decide.

You also should designate a trusted person to have Power of Attorney in case that you are unable to make legal decisions on your own. Guardianships are also an option. You also may want to appoint someone to have Medical Power of Attorney, who will make sure your medical wishes are carried out. At Aging Partners we offer the legal help so you can make the decisions and arrangements that are best for you. Persons with higher incomes may need other estate planning tools.

While these decisions can be difficult, most people feel relieved to know their plans are in order. Your Aging Partners counselor will explain your options clearly so that you understand them. Here are some of the legal terms for Caregivers?

End-of-Life Issues

At Aging Partners, we can facilitate these difficult family conversations by offering professional advice and options. Counselors can guide you through decisions surrounding living wills, end-of-life care, Do Not Resuscitate wishes and funeral planning. We can help you plan ahead to leave a legacy of love and fond memories, rather than leave your legacy to chance.

Where Is Home for You?

It is always best to plan ahead for your housing needs. If you have difficulty living in your current home, Aging Partners counselors can come to your home to determine what will best suit your needs. You may find that you can stay in your home with some modifications or services. Aging Partners professionals can make appropriate recommendations. If you discover your living needs might best be served by moving to an assisted living environment, we can help you select a new home that provides the services you need and can afford.