Staying Involved

People need people at all stages of life. At Aging Partners, we believe staying involved and interacting with others enriches your quality of life. Retirement brings more time to explore and enjoy new experiences.

Centers: Where the Action Is

The Aging Partners centers aren't just places to find a healthy and inexpensive meal. They are where you catch up with old friends, meet new ones and find out what's going on.

If you are not already a regular attendee, visit a center near you. The center manager will familiarize you with the services and transportation options–introduce you to others and show you how to keep up on all of the happenings. You will soon feel comfortable and welcome in your new home away from home. For more information, call 402-441-7158.

Tickets, Tours and Events

Aging Partners offers a wealth of opportunities, including education, music, painting and computer classes, movies, games, exercise groups, day trips, tours and events. You can keep up on the latest schedules through your My Center News newsletter, Living Well magazine or by phoning Aging Partners. Plan to explore new places, learning and entertainment opportunities at Aging Partners. You will be sure to find many you enjoy. For more information, call 402-441-7158.

Give Back as a Community Volunteer

When you volunteer, you're not just helping others, you're helping yourself. Volunteering leads to new discoveries and friends. Studies show that volunteering helps you live longer and promote a positive outlook on life. For more information, call 402-441-7158.

Foster Grandparents

When you share your care, time and experience, you have the power to help a child who needs you. As a Foster Grandparent, you're a role model, mentor and friend. Serving at local organizations such as Head Start Centers, schools and other youth facilities, you help children learn to read, provide one-on-one tutoring, and guide them at a critical time in their lives. You give the kind of support and guidance that sets a child on the path toward a successful future. For more information, call 402-441-7158.

Home Handyman

Earn an income while helping older home owners remain in their homes. Many older adults no longer can perform the maintenance work required to keep their home safe, in good repair and energy-efficient. If you enjoy performing simple home repairs, we encourage you to sign up for this employment opportunity. Handymen and handywomen also perform seasonal yard work, such as cleaning gutters, mowing, raking, and removing snow. If your are in need of a handyman or handywoman, fill out an program enrollment form and call for an appointment today. For more information, call 402-441-7030.