Transportation Projects

Compressed Natural Gas Bookmobile

Bookmobile Lied Bookmobile, Lincoln City Libraries

Lincoln City Libraries takes its services all over Lancaster County and throughout the city through the Lied Bookmobile, bringing joy to thousands of children and adults. The many miles put on the present Bookmobile have resulted in a need for a replacement.

Energy Savings

In order to help the City Libraries continue to deliver their services throughout the county, Cleaner Greener Lincoln has aided in the purchase of a new Bookmobile fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG) as a demonstration of the lower cost and cleaner emission from this alternative fuel source. It is expected that fuel costs alone will be less than half of the operating costs today, a savings residents will see in action throughout the city.

Bike Lanes & Bicycle Promotion

Cleaner Greener Lincoln funded the creation of the new, shared bike lanes on "G" Street to enable a safer ride for cyclists and motorists. In 2010, CGL co-hosted with the Planning Department a workshop on "Complete Streets," a look at how Lincoln's streets could be planned and developed to further the use of bicycles, walking, and bus transportation for commuting and other transportation purposes.

Additionally, Cleaner Greener Lincoln has promoting bicycling through involvement and sponsorship in many recognized community events, such as Biketacular (2010-2012), Bike to Work Week (2010-2012), and the Lincoln Commuter Challenge (2012).