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1005 "O" Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
Telephone: 402-441-7575
FAX: 402-441-6492

Program Overview

The Lifetime Health Program began providing health promotion services to adults 55+ in Lincoln and Lancaster County in 1984. Multi-county expansion in 1997 increased service to include Butler, Fillmore, Polk, Saline, Saunders, Seward and York Counties. Health assessments, group and individual health screenings, health education classes and physical activity programs are offered.

The program focus is on disease and injury prevention. Individuals are encouraged to take measures that decrease risk and promote optimum health.

Program Objectives

Core Program Components

Community Health Nursing

A variety of individual and group screenings are offered to provide participants with knowledge of personal health risks and information about things they can do to lower risks and optimize Health.

Services include:

Physical Activity Programs

Research continues to document the positive impact of physical activity on mental and physical health. Older adults in particular are known to benefit from regular participation in exercise. Assisting individuals in their efforts to increase their level of physical activity has been a priority for Lifetime Health since the program began in 1984.

Current physical activity programs include the following:

Health Education Programs

Lifetime Health staff are available to conduct 30 - 60 minute health education programs for community, church and social groups. They are committed to assisting people improve and maintain their health through increased knowledge and awareness. A variety of programs have been developed in the following general areas:

Programs that have been popular recently are:

"Attitude Tune-Up"
This unique program addresses the importance of attitude in meeting life's many challenges. The humorous skit is a dramatization of a typical day in the lives of two ladies, Negative Nellie and Positive Polly. Each displays wildly different attitudes as they encounter similar situations through out their day.

"Enlighten - A New Light on Depression in Older Adults"
Some people think that depression in older adults is a natural part of aging. They are mistaken. This video program addresses the signs and symptoms of depression, diagnosis, and treatment options.

"Fall Prevention"
If you are over the age of 65, you may be at risk of falling. Injuries related to falls result in 10,000 deaths per year in this country. Many persons are never able to regain their strength and independence after a fall and require other living arrangements. This program addresses safety checks and measures that can prevent falls. Know your risk. Learn how to protect yourself from potential injury.

"Flex Your Memory Muscle"
It is a myth that all older persons will suffer severe memory loss. Seniors may note changes associated with age but will not be seriously impaired. This program addresses ways to compensate for these changes and improve memory skills.

Friendship is often taken for granted in this busy world. This program explores the social connection shared by friends. It defines the term and addresses the value of attachment that friends share.

"The Heart of Forgiveness"
To forgive is divine...but not always easy to do! Why should we forgive? How do we do it?! Learn to apply the power of forgiveness in your life.

"Laughing Matters"
It really does! Laughter can improve circulation, reduce stress and even help us lose weight! A sense of humor is just what the doctor ordered!

"Living Well on a Shoestring"
Budgeting can be a real challenge with today's high prices. Living on a fixed budget requires creativity. Join us to learn a multitude of ways to get what you want and need without emptying your pocketbook.

"Living with Diabetes"
This program explores the physical and emotional sides of a complicated illness. The presenter shares her personal experiences as an individual who is insulin dependent.

"Memory Lane"
Memories mold and shape our lives. They give us healing, laughter and hope. A walk down memory lane is just what the doctor ordered!

"Mental Aerobics"
Forgetting is NOT a part of the normal aging process. Join us and learn about the many tried and true techniques that can improve our thinking skills and memory capacity.

"Old Dogs, New Tricks"
There are many mythes that accompany the aging process. This light hearted / interactive program helps participants understand the truth about growing older making for a more enjoyable journey.

"Stress Busters"
Stress is the body's nonspecific response to demands. Different things are stressful to different people. It can result from major life events or from "daily hassles". Stress is a normal and unavoidable part of life. This program addresses ways to manage stress and avoid stress related illness.

Caregiver Support Services

Family caregivers do a lot to enhance the health and well being of the person for whom they provide care. It is important that they remember to take good care of themselves as well. Caregivers have special needs and can benefit from flexible health promotion services designed to fit their busy schedules.

Services are free to caregivers and include:

Appointments can be set up at the home of the caregiver or another location (e.g. senior center) that is convenient for the caregiver.

For more information call Lifetime Health at 441-7575.



Alzheimer Disease

Visit these Web sites:

For information on hospice:


Widowed Persons Program

History of WPS

In March of 1982, a community meeting was held to determine the need for a support system for newly widowed people. The decision was made to move forward and Widowed Persons Service was started and placed under the umbrella of the Aging Services Retired & Senior Volunteer Program, and also sponsored by Aging Services LIFE office (the Lincoln Information For the Elderly), the Community Mental Health Center, the Cooperative Health Organization, and the AARP Senior Employment Program. Today it is sponsored locally by Aging Services Volunteer Programs and nationally by AARP.

WPS is an outreach program for newly widowed people sponsored by AARP and locally by Lincoln Area Agency on Aging RSVP. Trained volunteers who have lost a spouse contact the newly widowed offering support, helpful information, encouragement, and socialization. WPS also sponsors several groups which include: WPS Friendship Group; Just Pals; Widow's Breakfast, Widow's Luncheon, and Widower's Breakfast. If you would like to be a WPS volunteer, call Laurie McAdams at 441-6101.


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Four Corners (Serving Butler, Polk, Seward and York Counties)
Three Rivers (Serving Dodge, Saunders and Washington Counties)
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