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Mayor's Office Heading City Letter Head


Dear Mayor Don Wesely,

I visited to your city and met you in April of 2001 under the U.S. state Departmentís International Visitors Program for the delegation from the Caucasus region.

I was deeply distressed to hear the tragedy that took place in some cities of the United States in the result of which thousands of innocent people lost their lives. It is great loss to U.S.A.

I convey our condolences to you and the people of the United States.

Sincerely yours,

Rovzat Gasimov, Head of International Relations Department of Central Election Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Dear American Friends:

We are deeply shocked at the horrible crime perpetrated against the United States, the beacon of democracy, human rights and freedom, and world civilization.

We as U.S. honorary citizens have come together to share with you the common pain for the victims and their families, institutions that we visited, and the American people. We think in particular about our visit to the Pentagon and the kindness shown by representatives there, and our prayers for the families of the victims of that horrible attack.

You have supported us in extremely difficult times, you have played a critical role in bringing peace and freedom to our people, and we are proud to work with you here to build a democratic society. At such a moment we are with you. We feel your pain, which is also our pain.

We believe that those who organized and carried out this heinous crime, and all others behind them, will be hunted down and will receive their just punishment. In this respect, we stand by you and we support the punishment of these criminals. Only in this way can the values of human beings and the ideal of freedom be defended and respected throughout the world.

Our wishes and prayers in this time of loss and bereavement.


Dr. Myrvete Badivuku - Pantina
Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Prishtina

Mr. Ilir Salihu
Enterprise Development Officer, Member of Business Transformation Team, Department of Trade and Industry, UN Mission in Kosova (UNMIK)

Mr. Burim Breznica
Assistant to Task Manager for Economic Development, European Agency for Reconstruction - Kosova

Mr. Armend Mustafa
Assistant Director, Customs Service, UNMIK

Mr. Fitim Vertopi
Procurement Policy Advisor, Central Fiscal Authority, UNMIK

Mr. Isa Mulaj
Researcher, RIINVEST Institute for Development Research


Dear Don Wesely, Mayor of Lincoln, Nebraska,

Let me express to your high attention my deep emotion and compassion following the great disaster of Tuesday, September 11, 2001 which occurred in the cities of New York and Washington in your country where so many innocents of your compatriots died.

My special prayer is devoted to each of these citizens.


Jean Kamdem American International Visitor of the year 2000

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