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Mayor's Office Heading City Letter Head

Local Governement Ready to Respond

October 11, 2001

In the event of a terrorist attack in Lincoln or elsewhere in the country, the action by city and county agencies would include:

Lincoln-Lancaster County Emergency Management would activate the Emergency Operations Center to provide information to all agencies involved in disaster response, such as the Police, Fire and Health Departments and the Airport Authority.

The Lincoln Police Department would send extra officers to the airport, the Federal Building, the State Capitol, the State Office Building and the County-City Building. Officers would be instructed to be highly visible at or near schools at dismissal time if not otherwise engaged. The department continues to encourage the reporting of any hate crimes.

The Lincoln Fire Department would increase its readiness to respond in case any local incidents would occur. Nebraska Task Force One would prepare for FEMA notification of its deployment.

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department would continue to communicate and work closely with local hospital emergency departments, infection control practitioners, emergency medical responders and health care providers. This communication would increase the likelihood that a case of bioterrorism would be recognized quickly and that the biological agent involved would be identified quickly.

Operations at the Lincoln Airport would follow all mandates from the Federal Aviation Administration regarding flights and security. The National Guard continues to assist with security at this time.

The Lincoln Public Works and Utilities Department has increased security at Lincoln Water System facilities. StarTran would make buses available for emergency transportation.

The Citizen Information Center, a division of the Mayor’s Office, would act as the public communications center, keeping citizens informed through the media and the city’s web site.

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