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Where To Call?

Blood Donations in Lincoln: Community Blood Bank, 474-1781.

American Red Cross:

Salvation Army

The FEMA teleregistration line is available for victims to register for FEMA assistance in declared areas in the State of New York (Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens and Richmond Counties and the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan) - 1-800-462-9029

FEMA has set up the following address for members of the public wanting to express their support for the rescue workers at the World Trade Center site:

Search and Rescue
P.O. 2551
New York, NE 10166

Relatives of Amercian Airlines passengers seeking information about relatives may call 1.800.245.0999.

United Airlines said friends and family members seeking information on flights may call 1.800.932.8555. United also said it would post any information it has on it's website,

Morgan Stanley, the largest tenant in the World Trade Center, established an emergency contact phone number for employees and their families: 1.888.883.4391.

Department of Justice
  • Family Assistance Center / Victims
  • Anyone with information about the terrorist attacks should call 1.866.483.5137
  • Office of Victims of Crime (details about victims and survivors) 1.800.331.0075

Military Personnel and Families

  • Navy/Marine Corps 1.877.663.6772
  • Air Force 1.800.253.9276
  • Army 1.800.984.8523

New York City Firefighters

  • Status Information Line 1.718.999.2541

Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (World Trade Center/Pentagon Fund)

  • Federal Families needing assistance may call 1.800.323.4140
  • Donations 1.303.933.7580

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