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Mayoral Proclamation

Patriot Day – Lincoln Remembers

Whereas, the attacks on America on September 11, 2001 have become a defining moment of our generation and have added new meaning in our country to "United We Stand;" and

Whereas, we must never forget the innocent victims of the terrorist attacks nor the many heroes who gave their lives to save others; and

Whereas, we can honor their memories by resolving to be good citizens, to volunteer to help others, to respect all cultures and to work toward global peace and goodwill; and

Whereas, we thank our fire, law enforcement and emergency personnel for their untiring public service and for the important work they do every day to protect our communities; and

Whereas, we remember and support the brave men and women of our country now on military duty around the world, fighting terrorism and protecting the principles upon which our country was founded – freedom, liberty and justice; and

Whereas, the United States Congress has officially designated September 11 as "Patriot Day" and has asked the people of this country to observe the day with appropriate programs and displays of patriotism,

Now, therefore, I, Don Wesely, Mayor of the City of Lincoln, Nebraska, do hereby proclaim September 11, 2002 as “Patriot Day” in the City of Lincoln and encourage the people of Lincoln to remember the courage, bravery and sacrifice Americans witnessed that day. I call upon citizens of our community to fly the American flag and to gather that evening for a program of reflection, remembrance and appreciation for our great country, the United States of America.

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