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January 31, 2013
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Mayor Beutler's Response to Whitehead News Release and Letter

"It is difficult to understand the intent of Mr. Whitehead's letter. It appears he is attempting to use his contract to leverage the Mayor of the City into reversing a policy position that I believe is in the best interests of the City. What's best for the citizens has to be the basis on which I make my decisions. I shouldn't abandon the people's interests simply because a potential City Council candidate has a contract with the City. This is exactly the conflict of interest I am trying to end with this proposal. Mr. Whitehead's letter clearly demonstrates why we need a City ban on contracts with elected officials.

"I have tried to be reasonable with Mr. Whitehead. I spoke to Mark personally on Monday. I offered to try to exempt his contract from the ban because he fairly entered into the contract and entered the race unaware that we had been working on this issue for several years. Mr. Whitehead is now demanding the contract be voided before the voters have even spoken on the Charter Amendment or his candidacy. This is strong evidence that he is now using his contract to try to influence matters that should be left to the voters.

"In the end, it is up to Mr. Whitehead to decide if his contract is a conflict of interest with his Council campaign. The contract includes a 30-day termination clause, and it is his legal option to exercise it. Mr. Whitehead can choose to keep the contract and stay in the race."

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