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March 13, 2013
For More Information Contact:
Sara Hartzell, Planning Department, 402-441-6371

Planning Department Seeks Public Input

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Department invites members of the public to take an online survey to share their thoughts on the community's growth and the service provided by the Planning Department. The survey is available at (use keyword "plan," then select "Planning Assessment Survey"). Paper surveys also are available at the Bennett Martin, Anderson, Gere, Eiseley and Walt branches of the Lincoln City Libraries.

Planning Director Marvin Krout said the survey is the first step in a community outreach project that will include focused discussions with various interest groups. "We want to take some time to ask all our stakeholders how the Planning Department is doing and if they are satisfied with the way the community is growing," Krout said. "We also want their suggestions for improvement and their ideas on how we can better inform and involve residents in the planning process. Our goal is to develop some concrete steps our department can take to improve the service provided to the public."

Krout said the Planning Department's role is to help guide growth in the City and County in a way that promotes new private investment. He said that includes decisions on how to best spend public funds to efficiently provide public facilities and services to accommodate development and improve the quality of life for residents.

Krout said Planning Department stakeholders include elected and appointed boards, other departments and agencies, developers and their agents, business and neighborhood organizations, and the public at large. "Our challenge is to develop and maintain consensus on a long-term vision for the community's growth, while resolving the day-to-day issues of developing specific tracts of land."

For more information on the survey or outreach efforts, contact the Planning Department at 402-441-7491 or

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