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April 25, 2013
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Revised Water Management Plan Changes Designated Day Schedule for Some Property Owners

City to provide signs for private well owners

Mayor Chris Beutler has approved a revised Water Management Plan for the City that will affect designated day outdoor watering schedules for apartment complexes and commercial properties. The plan is used to implement watering restrictions when the City's water supplies are decreased and the demand for water increases.

"I want to thank the community for responding well when we implemented outdoor watering restrictions last summer," said Mayor Beutler. "We had many questions come up during that time, so we have reviewed the plan to look for ways we can encourage better compliance and address problem areas." The Mayor said the City also has reviewed the enforcement of mandatory water restrictions and will propose changes in May for City Council approval.

If mandatory restrictions are implemented, the designated day watering schedule will remain the same for single-family and duplex properties:

Under the revised plan, if mandatory restrictions are implemented, apartment complexes and commercial properties will be required to limit outdoor watering to Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays regardless of address. Letters are being sent this week to irrigation and landscape contractors and property management companies to begin sharing the changes and the revised plan. Other properties affected by the change include governmental properties, street medians and single-family properties with a common irrigation system, such as townhome developments.

"The goal of these changes is to reduce confusion about watering violations and to eliminate the need for some property owners to declare an alternate schedule," said Jerry Obrist, Chief Engineer for the Lincoln Water System (LWS). "The three-day option also is intended to allow flexibility. By limiting watering to one or two days per week, property owners can maintain most landscapes with less expense while helping to conserve our water supplies.

Letters also will be sent to owners of private wells to inform them of changes intended to reduce confusion about watering violations:

For more information, call the Water Management Hotline at 402-441-1212 or visit

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