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April 29, 2013
For More Information Contact:
Ben Higgins, Watershed Management, 402-441-7589

Floodplain Maps Revised

Mayor Chris Beutler and the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners today announced that the City and County's floodplain maps and Flood Insurance Study were updated effective April 16 as required by federal law. The recent changes to the floodplain maps are available at (keyword: GIS).

"Some of the floodplains in Lancaster County have not been updated since the late 1970s," Mayor Beutler said. "The new mapping is much more accurate and shows that the threat of flooding on several acres is not as severe as that shown in earlier mapping efforts." The Mayor commended those who helped to coordinate the updated maps, including staff from the City, County, the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District and the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources.

The flood maps that have been revised include the Little Salt Creek and all County streams that do not have mapped floodways. The mapping of the County streams was initiated and completed by the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources.

Detailed mapping had previously been done for Beal Slough, Stevens Creek, Cardwell Branch, Southeast Upper Salt Creek, Dead Man's Run, Salt Creek and Antelope Creek. There are no revisions to these creeks as a result of the new mapping update.

The new floodplain maps also do not reflect expected upcoming changes in Antelope Creek south of "A" Street or the lower Beal Slough. These two areas are going through a separate revision process expected to be completed by the end of this year.

For more information on the updated mapping, contact Ben Higgins in the Watershed Management Division of the City Public Works and Utilities Department at 402-441-7859.

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