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June 25, 2013
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Adam Rhoads, Health Department, 402-441-8035

Public Asked to Help Clean Up Fireworks Debris

Keep Lincoln and Lancaster County Beautiful (KLLCB) ask residents to clean up fireworks debris following private and public Independence Day celebrations. Officials say used fireworks should be allowed to sit several minutes before cleaning them up, and water can be used to make sure they are completely extinguished before disposing them in the garbage. A metal bucket or a bucket with sand or water can be used as a temporary trash can.

"Removing litter is essential to a clean and safe community," said KLLCB Coordinator, Adam Rhoads. "People are more likely to litter in an area that is already littered and not cared for. Cleaning up fireworks debris is also part of being a good neighbor by making sure wind, water, traffic and animals don't transport litter onto someone else's property." Rhoads said fireworks debris can enter storm drains and pollute streams and lakes. Chemicals in leftover fireworks are a danger to aquatic plants and animals.

KLLCB is a program of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department. The Fireworks Debris Prevention Program is funded in part by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.

More information on KLLCB is available at (keyword: kllcb).

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