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September 16, 2013
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Fred Hoke, Development Services Center Manager, 402-441-7049

DSC Receives Customer Service Award

The City's Development Services Center (DSC) has received the Accela Customer Service Award for its successful implementation of Accela software to improve customer service to the local construction community. The DSC worked with Accela to upgrade its software system that maintains and manages plans, permits, inspections and approvals for four departments - the City's Building and Safety and Public Works and Utilities Departments and the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health and Planning Departments.

"I've supported the DSC from concept to completion, and we're now seeing the increased efficiency and effectiveness the new software has provided," said Mayor Chris Beutler. "I want to thank the DSC and Accela staff who worked on this project to make it easier for builders to do business with the City. We are seeing real economic benefits."

The use of Accela Automation, GIS, Mobile Office and Citizen Access software makes it possible for contractors to go online for permit applications, fee payments and approval information. DSC Manager Fred Hoke said the software reduces waiting time for developers and builders by speeding the inspection and approvals process. Hoke said the City's goal is to have over 50 percent of the service users to conduct business via computer, smart phone or iPad.

Jack Zohner of John Henry's Plumbing said the Accela software has had a positive impact on his daily operations. "The Accela software update has improved overall efficiency between the City and contractors and is helping us move toward our goal of becoming a paperless company," Zohner said. "It's exciting news that the biggest challenges with the software conversion are behind us, and we are now fine tuning. By working together, we will continue to be successful."

"The City completed extensive research prior to selecting our software in order to meet and exceed their objectives with the development community," said Angela Langston, Accela's Vice President of Sales and Account Management. "Now that they are reaching these goals, they continue to work in partnership with us to leverage their investment and maximize the use of our offerings so they are in a position to transform the way local government interacts with its constituents."

The City departments cited in the award have over 170 types of permits. They have issued 88,000 permits and conducted nearly 90,000 inspections over the past year.

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