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October 25, 2013
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Jeff McReynolds, GIS Program Manager, 402-441-6155

GIS Information Now Viewable on Mobile Devices

With the development of two new websites, the public can now view Web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) data from mobile devices. Developers, real estate agents, commercial brokers and others have been able to access GIS data on desktop computers since the late 1990s. The recent system enhancements will allow those using smart phones and tablets to access property ownership, valuation, flood plain status and development data from a remote location.

"Today's mobile workforce needs to access this data from the field on their smart devices," said Jeff McReynolds, GIS Program Manager for the City and Lancaster County. "Our technical staff feel obligated to make it available and accessible without limitation."

Access to mobile-friendly data is now available through these two websites:

Mobile-Friendly GIS Parcel Viewer:
This website allows users to access information on property ownership and valuation, a photo of the house and links to the County Assessor's website.
Mobile-Friendly GIS Development Viewer:
This website allows the user to access development-related information such as preliminary and final plats, special permits and administrative amendments.

Both websites allow users to search by name, address or parcel ID or use the GPS location on their tablets or smart phones. Users also can e-mail a link to a map or link to other social media outlets. Both web applications are viewable on desktops as well.

McReynolds said similar applications using the same template will be added in the future, and aerial images taken in April have been added to the GIS viewer.

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