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June 16, 2015
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Mayor Thanks Council for Providing Relief for Those Impacted by Sewer Backups

Mayor Chris Beutler thanked the City Council for unanimously passing a measure dealing with sanitary sewer backups last fall and last month. The measure creates a $1 million Temporary Sanitary Sewer Disaster Recovery Assistance Program to provide affected property owners and renters with reimbursement for clean-up costs. The fund will provide up to $5,000 per event for specified mitigation costs.

"I am grateful to the Council for providing this help to those who suffered this dangerous type of storm damage from the extreme rain events," said Mayor Beutler. "Our main goal is to prevent future health problems from these sewage backups. I appreciate the City Council working with us to find a way to provide some relief for these residents."

A second measure passed unanimously by the Council directs the Public Works and Utilities Department to take steps to decrease the likelihood of sewage backups during future large rain events.

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