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June 23, 2015
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Mayor Withdraws Support for Paine Appointment

"Our concern about D.C.-style politics being used in Lincoln has not changed. We have not allowed partisan bickering and the undue influence of special interest groups to keep our community from moving forward, and we should never adopt that way of doing the City's business.

"What has changed is the situation concerning my nomination of Mitch Paine to the Air Pollution Advisory Board. My office found out for the first time today that a member of Mitch's campaign staff used a negative and highly offensive campaign tactic against Cyndi Lamm during the City Council campaign. This is another aspect of D.C.-style politics that I abhor, and I have reached out to Cyndi to express my disappointment with respect to this campaign tactic.

"I have also withdrawn my support for Mitch's appointment, and I will ask the Council to remove his name from consideration for this advisory board."

Mayor's Office
Media Releases