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June 29, 2015
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Haymarket Pedestrian Bridge Honored for Design

Mayor Chris Beutler announced that the City's pedestrian bridge linking Pinnacle Bank Arena to the festival parking lot has been recognized by the Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD). Dimensional Innovations received the SEGD 2015 Honor Award for its work on the design and fabrication of the bridge.

"Our goal was to create an iconic impression of the City for pedestrians and cyclists, for those driving on the highways and for those watching Husker games who see the aerial view on television," said Mayor Beutler. "Our partners from Dimensional Innovations were key members of the team that successfully took on this design and construction challenge." Challenges include installing the bridge over active rail lines.

The 611-foot span features LED-lighted steel letters spelling out the City name, and each letter corresponds to an important value or principal. Quotes from Nebraskans are used to celebrate the City's cultural heritage. An estimated 5,000 people use the bridge to reach the arena from the parking area for a sell-out concert.

"This project successfully transforms a mundane pedestrian bridge into an actual landmark that effectively communicates on various scales: from the aerial view to ground transportation to the pedestrian level," wrote the SEGD Jury. "At nighttime, the illuminated arches and integrated benches create a sense of virtual space that is at the same time open to the elements and visually enclosed - a highly successful example of public placemaking."

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