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July 27, 2015
For More Information Contact:
Herb Friedman, Library Board President, 402-476-1093
Pat Leach, Library Director, 402-441-8510 or 402-405-1789

Library Board Releases Position Paper Regarding Replacing Bennett Martin Library

The Lincoln Library Board of Directors has released a position paper regarding the replacement of the existing Bennett Martin Public Library with a new modern library to be constructed on Block 63, the current location of the now closed Pershing Center.

Library Board President Herb Friedman said that Block 63 has been used for public purposes since the city was first platted in 1867, and would be an ideal location for a new 21st century library.

"This is good timing for the City," said Friedman. "If Block 63 is sold to the private sector, it would be at wholesale prices or less, and then only with TIF funding, thus forcing the City to buy land at retail price for a new library. Although the price tag of about $55 million may seem high, the increase in property tax on an average home is about half the cost of a football ticket to a Husker football game."

The cost includes updating branch libraries.

Friedman said the Library Board appreciates the public's assistance, and welcomes all comments.

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