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September 21, 2015
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Mayor Signs Amended Budget Resolutions

Mayor Chris Beutler today signed the two mid-biennium budget amendment resolutions that were amended by the City Council at its meeting one week ago. He said he does not agree with the Council action taken last week, but signing the resolutions is in the best interests of ending a divisive situation.

The City Council passed a 2014-16 budget in August of 2014. The City Council passed the budget amendment resolution for the second year of the biennium August 31, 2015 after it was divided into three parts. One of the three parts included language for a one-cent tax levy reduction, but it did not cut the funds or make other changes necessary for a tax levy cut. The Mayor signed all three budget amendment resolutions in early September, but the Council voted to reconsider the resolutions September 14 because some Council members said corrections were needed.

"I firmly believe the division of the resolution was proper and that the Council should not have been able to reconsider the budget resolutions once they were signed and in effect," Mayor Beutler said. "I also am opposed to making major changes in the middle of the biennium without a full public process. Because the Council's changes made last week do not alter the actions approved August 31, I have decided the best course of action is to move forward. And regardless of our differing views, the final results help to accomplish some major City goals and allow us to move on to addressing other City challenges."

The resolutions provide an additional $900,000 to the Police Fire Pension fund, about $2.9 million for the replacement of fire apparatus, about $141,000 for residential street repairs, and more than $70,000 for playground repair and replacement at Easterday and Neighbors Parks.

The City Council will vote today on setting the 2015-16 tax levy rate, which will remain unchanged at .31958 per $100 of assessed valuation.

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