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November 6, 2015
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Hallie Salem, Urban Development, 402-441-7866

Gallery Alley Provides Welcoming Entryway

Mayor Chris Beutler today said the new Gallery Alley near 7th and "P" street now provides pedestrians with a safe and welcoming entryway into the Historic Haymarket. The Mayor and others involved in the project participated in a grand opening ceremony for the alley this evening, with the first look at the new gallery art, wire and light installations. The alley south of "P Street between the Burkholder Project and the Creamery Building has served as a pedestrian connection for years.

"When the City looked to build the new Lumberworks Garage, we knew this alley would take on an even greater role," Beutler said. "We also were aware that some who worked and visited the Haymarket did not feel the alley was safe at night. The space was not well lit. Windows in the Creamery basement had been blocked off long ago. The alley also had issues with uneven pavement and the poor drainage. This project was a great partnership between the City and the people who use this alley. Our goal - to make this alley safe, playful, joyful and welcoming."

As part of the project, the City rebuilt the drainage system and pavement on the north half of the alley. The City also worked with alley's neighbors - windows and a door were opened on the Creamery Building, Anne Burkholder commissioned additional art work for the wall of her building, and Lazlo's installed facade lighting. The City also hired Patrick Quigley of PBQA, an internationally known architectural lighting designer, who created a "wire symphony" that incorporates many of the industrial features of the alley and includes a "lightwire" overhead path.

The wall-mounted art, most of the wire and light installation, and an endowment to maintain the lighting elements were funded by anonymous donors. Tax-increment financing also helped to fund the wire and light installation.

The Mayor thanked all those involved in the project, including the building owners, Quigley, the artists, The Clark Enerson Partners, Structural Design Group, Commonwealth Electric, the Haymarket Development Corporation, PC Sports and City staff.

"The lighting, repair work and gallery art all work together to create an important new entry point to the excitement and entertainment offered in this area," Beutler said. "And there's more to come -- we will finish the design of the south half of the alley for construction next summer. "

Artists involved are:
Gallery Wall Art: Anne Burkholder, Curator
Burkholder Project:

Creamery Building
Contact information:
The Burkholder Project
719 P Street
Lincoln NE 68508
phone: 402.477.3305

Wire Symphony:
Patrick Quigley, Architectural Lighting Consultant
Contact information: Architectural Lighting Consultants,
Design Assistance and Construction Documents Prepared by: The Clark Enersen Partners,
Installation Completed by: Commonwealth Electric Company, 402.474.1341

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