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February 2, 2016
For More Information Contact:
Lynn Johnson, Parks and Recreation, 402-441-7847

Public Urged to Report Fallen Trees and Tree Limbs

Today's heavy, wet snow and wind are causing trees and branches to fall. Lincoln residents are asked to use the Lincoln Police Department non-emergency phone number at 402-441-6000 to report fallen trees and limbs blocking streets. Community Forestry crews are working to clear limbs so that snow removal operations can proceed. The first priority is removing trees and limbs from arterial streets, and once that is completed, crews will begin removing trees and limbs from residential streets.

If branches are down on sidewalks or in the public right of way between the sidewalk and the curb, residents are asked to contact Community Forestry in one of two ways:

Community Forestry staff will begin removing street tree debris on the public right of way after priority work to clear streets is completed.

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