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September 1, 2016
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Mayor Announces Cultural and Professional Celebration in October

The number of creators, artists, and entrepreneurs in Lincoln, Nebraska, continues to grow rapidly. Alongside Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler, the startup and arts and culture communities announced today the launch of LNK-DNA.

As numerous startups and nonprofits pop up all around the community, so has the number of events that celebrate and bring them together. These events are designed for people to network, hold workshops, collaborate on projects and celebrate local work. These major events include Startup Week, Lincoln Calling, and more. While different from each other, these events all share the same purpose of celebrating the community.

Earlier this year, leadership involved with these events came together to discuss ideas on how to enhance community collaboration. The result of these discussions was the LNK-DNA initiative. The idea was to combine the group of events into one week - bringing all of their events, ideas and people together. LNK-DNA leadership agrees there is much to be gained in this collaboration, and the goal is to create more exposure, crossover events, and overall, more involvement and support of the community.

Mayor Chris Beutler praised the collaboration among Lincoln's professional and creative communities. "Together, we will celebrate the power of music, startups and creativity to shape the identity of our City. At the same time, we'll celebrate how our City cultivates creative energy."

Beutler added that Lincoln's reputation as a progressive City greatly benefits from events like LNK DNA. "The spirit of innovation is a critical force that stimulates Lincoln's progress, because it attracts even more talented professionals, performers and artists. This synergy feeds the national buzz about Lincoln as the hub of the Silicon Prairie."

LNK-DNA will be a vibrant week-long event from Oct. 3-9, 2016, hosting major organizations that include:

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