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November 17, 2016
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Jim Otto, Nebraska Retail Federation, 402-474-5255
Todd Ogden, Downtown Lincoln Assoc., 402-434-6906

Mayor Promotes Shopping Locally

Mayor Chris Beutler today encouraged residents to support local independently-owned businesses by participating in three upcoming events:

The Mayor was joined by representatives of the Nebraska Retail Federation, the DLA the Lincoln Independent Business Association, the Chamber of Commerce and other business leaders today at a news conference at Gary Michael's Clothiers. The store, which began in Hastings, has been in Lincoln since 1993, and this year was named one of America's "Top Five" retailers by the National Retail Federation.

"It is a great honor to have one of the nation's elite retailers right here in Lincoln," Mayor Beutler said. "When you shop at Gary Michaels or one of the other great locally-owned retailers in our community, you do more than boost their bottom line. It's estimated that your dollar has three times more impact than it would if you spent it online or at a national chain. The money generated in sales taxes helps the City hold the line on other taxes and fees. And you enjoy a shopping experience that you can only find at that store, creating a sense of place that is uniquely Lincoln."

"In 2014, Amazon alone had over a quarter billion dollars in retail sales in Nebraska," said Jim Otto of the Nebraska Retail Federation. "That's at least $18 million in state and local taxes that could have support benefitted our City and State. And it equates to the loss of over 180 average sized stores and over 1,600 retail jobs in our State."

More information on the Nebraska Retail Federation is available at

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