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December 12, 2016
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Eric Jones, LFR Battalion Chief, 402-441-8354

New Fire Station Alert System Designed to Improve Response Time

Lincoln Fire and Rescue (LFR) has implemented a new fire station alerting system designed to decrease the time it takes to respond to emergencies. The system was funded through a $610,000 federal Assistance for Firefighters grant. LFR was responsible for a 10-percent match.

"At LFR, we are always looking for ways to be more efficient and improve our response time," said Eric Jones, LFR Battalion Chief. "This is critical because faster response can mean better outcomes. For example, people who experience cardiopulmonary arrest have a seven percent increase in mortality for every minute without CPR. This kind of technology helps our emergency dispatchers as well as our firefighters achieve their mission and enhances our service to the community."

Jones said the new system can reduce the time needed to process calls by up to 30 seconds. Additionally, LFR closely monitors "turnout" time. This is the amount of time from when the call is dispatched to the when the response vehicle leaves. With the new system, when a call is assigned to a station, a computerized voice makes an announcement, and the emergency details are displayed on multiple screens throughout the station. Jones said the new system can reduce turnout time by 15 or more seconds.

Jones said the system has additional benefits:

Jones said the grant also allowed for the replacement of all the speakers in LFR's 14 stations.

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