Program Prioritization Changes 2012-13

Program cost

We have provided General Fund cost estimates of programs. General Fund describes those programs that are generally paid for with property taxes, sales tax, some occupation taxes, and fees. We listed the only General Fund costs because most residents are concerned about cuts or additions in this fund.

Tier 0

Many residents expressed concern that they could not determine which programs were mandated by federal and state law. We moved our state and federal mandated programs into a new "Tier 0" for easier identification. 17 programs representing approximately $2.5 million in direct costs are listed in "Tier 0."


Programs can be sorted by department, general fund cost, tier, outcome, goal, and indicators.


Many programs had text added or removed to make them easier to understand. Example: "Joint Budget Committee." Very few people outside of City Hall understand that this program is a joint program of the City and County, and that it funds human service non-profits. The text was changed to read "Human services funding/Joint Budget Committee"

Past budget cuts

Programs eliminated in the 2010-11 and 2011-12 budget are identified in red text

Major program changes 2012-13

Last year, Library programs were divided into quadrant and neighborhood branches with quadrant branch hours generally prioritized higher than neighborhood branch hours. For 2012-13, the neighborhood programs have been reorganized to refelct what we have been hearing from the public in previous budget surveys. Past Surveys have demonstrated strong support for maintaining neighborhood libraries.

The focus of library programs are now days and hours of service across all branches rather than continue the divide between quadrant and neighborhood libraries.

Library program list previously

  • Evening and weekend hours at quadrant libraries (Anderson, Eiseley, Gere, Walt)
  • Make books and other materials available for checkout and online checkout
  • Bennett Martin and quadrant library facilities (Anderson, Eiseley, Gere, Walt)
  • Maintain weekend hours at Bennett Martin library
  • Programs to support and encourage childrens' literacy
  • Neighborhood library facilities (Bethany, South, and Williams)
  • Bookmobile
  • One Book, One Lincoln reading program
  • Evening and weekend hours at neighborhood libraries (Bethany, South, and Williams)

New library program list

  • Library hours Monday-Thursday
  • Library hours Saturday
  • Library hours Friday at Bennett Martin; Sunday hours at all others
  • Library hours Sunday at Bennett Martin; Friday hours at all others
  • Bookmobile