What is the New Americans Task Force?

Since the 1980's, Lincoln, Nebraska has been the recipient of a very rich treasure. We were the 12th largest resettlement site per capita in the country, at times resettling over 1,000 refugees a year. Lincoln Public Schools currently provide English Language Learner classes to over 3,000 children from 56 countries speaking 48 different languages. Recognizing the value of our newfound wealth, as well as the challenges that come with it, the New Americans Task Force was formed. Read more about the NATF.

Lincoln Unites!

Fall Business Tour

The NATF Fall Business Tour gave community members the opportunity to see a variety of immigrant and refugee owned businesses, as well as learn about the benefits of a diverse work force from one Lincoln employer.

Contact Christa at cyoakum@neappleseed if you'd like to help plan the next tour or have a business you'd like to see featured.

Want to Volunteer?

If you want to volunteer and assist a new family, please contact Volunteer Partners to get connected: 402-435-2100 or volunteers@volunteerpartners.org.

Our Mission

NATF (New Americans Task Force) is a network of public and private organizations and community members, dedicated to supporting New Americans in our community. NATF members strive to welcome all newcomers, assisting them in building the lives they seek through the removal of barriers and the provision of culturally competent support services.

For more information on NATF activities, or to participate in meetings each month, call 402-441-4944.