Building Welcoming Communities

Lincoln participates in two national initiatives committed to welcoming New Americans to our community. Lincoln was among the first cities in the country to sign on to the Welcoming Cities and Counties in 2013 when that initiative started. More recently, in 2015 Lincoln committed to the White House Building Welcoming Communities initiative.

Lincoln has been identified as one of the 63 cities where local authorities are promoting immigrant integration, was improved economic mobility for immigrants and refugees, enhanced civic participation by immigrants and refugees, and receiving society openness to newcomers. Authors of the report spent months of conversations with the directos of local offices promoting reception and support for immigrant populations to paint a picture of a country where authorities and stakeholders in the community are devoting time and effort to strengthen social cohesion by welcoming rather than rejecting the newcomers.

Read the report: Opening Minds, Opening Doors, Opening Communities: Cities Leading for Immigrant Integration

African Survey 2014

At the request of an NATF member, an informal survey was conducted to find out more about our African populations here in Lincoln. Questions were asked such as: Was Lincoln your first stop or did you come from another city in the US? If so, which one? What has been your biggest hurdle to resettlement in Lincoln? How can the NATF be of more assistance? There were 146 respondents to the survey. The survey and a copy of its results can be emailed to you upon request. Contact us at