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English is the most common language used in Lincoln. If you can't speak or write English efficiently, please see one of these agencies for free English classes.

Lincoln has public and private schools where you can get your education and help you with your career plans.

Visit Lincoln Public Schools to find schools near you. Lincoln Public Schools is the second largest public school district in Nebraska and is growing to serve more than 37,80 students in more than 60 schools and programs. Call 402-436-1000 for more information. Children are usually enrolled at age 5 and graduate when they are turning 18. Ask about their Liaisons who can assist you in selecting courses for your family.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is one of the top universities in the USA. It has many fields of interest for you to explore. They teach English as a Second Language, but it is a bit expensive. The advantage is that you have a very comprehensive class and you will learn quickly. For more information call 402-472-7211.

Southeast Community College has several locations in town where you can learn English and take GED classes at a very low cost. Call 402-471-333 for more information. It too opens doors to many different fields of interest.

Other schools are privately operated and therefore you will usually pay a fee:

For private schools for youth check the yellow pages in the phone book under Schools: Private. Public grade schools are often in the neighborhoods you live in. Do not hesitate to ask your neighbors where the closest school is to you.