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10 Year Plan Survey

Community residents are invited to review and comment on a draft plan for renovation of existing parks and recreation facilities and development of new facilities. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board in cooperation with Department staff have developed a proposal for a 10-year facilities plan for repair and replacement of current facilities and development of new facilities to serve growth in the community. A draft of the plan, including a map of proposed project locations, is available for review below. The public is encouraged to participate in an on-line survey that will assist in prioritizing projects.

It is anticipated that the Parks and Recreation 10-Year Facilities Plan will be adopted by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board during their regular monthly meeting on December 12th, and will be used to guide development of the Department’s capital improvement program associated with the upcoming budget preparation. The facilities plan will be updated every two years on alternate years from the preparation of the operating budget.

“The Parks and Recreation Department manages an extensive system of facilities for use and enjoyment of the community, including 200 buildings, 131 miles of trails, 32 miles of walkways in parks, nearly 55 acres of parking lots, 85 playgrounds and more than 125,000 public trees. These facilities require regular repair and replacement to keep them in good condition and available for use. In addition, the Lincoln Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan provides guidance for development of new facilities as the community grows,” said Lynn Johnson, Parks and Recreation Director. “We hope that community residents will provide their ideas and suggestions to assist in developing the 10-year facilities plan.”

Note: Potential improvements to city golf courses are not included as part of this draft plan because a separate study and public input process is taking place. View the Lincoln City Golf Program Sustainability Study here.

Take the survey

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  • Complete the paper survey at the Parks and Recreation Department Administration Office located at 2740 A Street and at recreation and community centers.

Survey Information

Open House information

A public open house is planned from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at the Parks and Recreation Administration office, 2740 A Street. Maps depicting the locations of proposed projects will be available for review and Parks and Recreation staff will answer questions and take comments and suggestions.

Draft Plan

The 10 Year Plan Project List displays each pin on the map displayed below.