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Street Trees Planting Information


Attention Property Owners:

A no-fee permit to plant any of these trees on CITY PROPERTY needs to be obtained BEFORE planting is done. Please call Forestry at 402-441-7847 if you have questions.


USDA Forest ServiceMonrovia NurseryArbor Day Foundation

Street Tree Planting Guidelines

  • Tree Diversity will be emphasized (i.e. no more than 10 % of same tree type).
  • Ash species will not be costshared by City for planting as street trees due to potential Emerald Ash Borer infestation and will not be allowed to be planted on city right of ways due to existing ash street tree population being greater than 25%.
  • Large type trees and small type trees will not be planted on same street because of variance in height, form and growing space requirements. Only exception is that small shade tolerant understory type trees (redbud, serviceberry) can be planted beneath large overstory shade trees, provided there is adequate room to accommodate the mature growth of understory tree.

Approved Street Tree List

Download approved street tree list. (Updated October 2015. Currently under revision in 2018.

Permit to Plant in the City Right of Way

A no-fee permit to plant trees on city property needs to be obtained BEFORE planting is done. Shrubs, perennial and annual flowering plants, ornamental grasses, and ground covers can also be planted within the sidewalk space, or abutting a sidewalk, and do not require a permit. Those plantings shall be maintained so that they do not extend over curbs, sidewalks, driveways, or alleys and have a maximum height of no more than thirty inches above the height of the adjoining curb. Please visit our website, for a list of approved street trees or call the Community Forestry division if you have questions.

Street Tree Voucher Program

The Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department offers a cost-share assistance program, when funding is available, to property owners in Lincoln who desire to purchase and plant a street tree(s) on the City right-of-way adjacent to their property. Interested property owners may contact Forestry at 441-7847 to provide the address of their property where they are interested in possibly having a street tree(s). The Street Tree Voucher will have a specified redeemable value for each street tree(s) identified. Voucher may be redeemed at designated local participating tree nurseries towards the purchase and/or planting of street tree(s) as specified on combined voucher/planting permit. Voucher and permit are good for one year.

Who do I contact about street trees and other trees on public property?

  • Planting, Trimming, Maintenance: Community Forestry (402) 441-7847, weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
  • Tree Related Emergencies: Lincoln Police Department, (402) 441-6000, after hours/weekends/holidays
  • Vandalism/Vehicular Accidents: Lincoln Police Department, (402) 441-6000
  • Power Lines: Lincoln Electric System (LES), (402) 467-7678