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The Lincoln Municipal Golf Committee (LMGC)

The Lincoln Municipal Golf Committee (LMGC), a working committee of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, is organized pursuant to Lincoln Municipal Code Section 12.04.030 to gain cost efficiencies and financial sustainability for Lincoln’s golf program, to create opportunities to improve the program, and to foster effective communication between Lincoln City Golf program staff, contracted PGA golf professionals, organized golf associations in Lincoln, and the general golfing public. The LMGC meets the first Thursday of each month at 2740 “A” Street from 11:30a to 1:00p.
The LMGC is comprised of a working committee of community volunteers who will provide review and advice regarding operation of the Lincoln municipal golf program; provide review and advice to the Lincoln municipal golf program contracted PGA professionals and course superintendent’s; and recommend golf policies and budget matters to the Golf Administrator and the Director of the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department for consideration and action within Lincoln city government, as appropriate. The LMGC will forward their recommendations to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for consideration and action.

Membership for the LMGC will draw on skills, talents and experience from the following organizations and at- large members. They include:

  1. Three representatives of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
  2. Representative of the Lincoln Municipal Golf Association (LMGA)
  3. Lincoln Women Municipal Golf Association (LWMGA)
  4. Lincoln Senior Men’s Golf League (LSMGL)
  5. Three (3) at-large Lincoln Golfers
  6. The Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, Golf Administrator, Lincoln PGA Professionals, and the Golf Course Superintendents are invited to attend and participate in LMGAC meetings.

Lincoln City Golf Strategic Plan for Sustainability

Funding for repair and replacement projects at L.C.G. Courses

Lincoln City Golf daily fees and membership fees have been increased to provide funding for needed golf facility repair and replacement projects. It is anticipated that these fee increases will generate about $130,000 during the 2014 season. An analysis of funding needed to keep golf facilities in good condition indicates that about $650,000 will be needed annually for repair and replacement projects. Incremental golf fee increases are anticipated over the next four years to achieve the needed funding level. Replacement of aged irrigation systems is a primary goal of the golf repair and replacement program. Download the six-year plan for Lincoln City Golf repair and replacement projects here: 6 Year Golf C.I.P. Plan Draft 1-24-14

The following is a listing of golf facility repair and replacement projects anticipated in 2015*
*Projects will be funded with revenue generated from the 2014 season.

  • Renovation of restrooms at Pioneers Golf clubhouse.
  • Repair of the pond shoreline wall at Highlands Golf Course.
  • Development of forward tees on priority golf holes, with an emphasis on Mahoney Golf Course.
  • Replacement of trees at golf courses.
  • Cart path and parking lot repairs at golf courses.
Projects planned for future years include:
  • Replacement of the roof of the Pioneers Golf clubhouse.
  • Renovation of the restrooms at Highlands Golf Course.
  • Renovation of the bunkers at Highlands Golf Course.
  • Replacement of the irrigation system at Pioneers Golf Course.
  • Replacement of the irrigation system at Holmes Golf Course.
  • Development of an additional irrigation well at Mahoney Golf Course.
  • Continuing development of forward trees on golf courses