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Lincoln Municipal Golf Courses
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General Information

Lincoln's municipal golf program is self-supporting, relying on fees you pay as a golfer to maintain and improve the golf courses. The program is designed to provide the best possible playing conditions for the most golfers. Working together, with these objectives in mind, our fine program and courses will be even better.

The purpose of this web page is to outline procedures, policies and rules which, if observed by everyone, will increase the use and enjoyment of these courses.

Highlands, Holmes, Mahoney, Pioneers Ager Junior Course
Open Year Round Weather Permitting Open Mar.1 - Nov. 30
Hours: Monday - Friday Hours: Monday - Friday
April 1 - Sept. 30: 6:00 am - Sunset 8:00 am - Sunset
Oct. 1 - March 31: 8:00 am - Sunset
Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays:
Sunrise - Sunset 8:00 am - Sunset
Annual golf season begins February 1 of each year.

The Ager Golf Course is open to all players. Juniors 7 - 17 years of age may have preference. All City Golf Memberships will be honored at the Ager Golf. 9 hole tickets only are available. It shall be necessary for those wishing to play 18 holes to purchase second 9 hole tickets at the completion of the first nine.

Types of Play

For weekend or holiday play both 18 hole and 9 hole play is permitted. To maximize play on weekends and holidays 18 hole play is encouraged and will be given priority.

Holiday rates will apply to these holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day

All municipal golf courses will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Rules and Regulations

Every player must be registered and pay appropriate fees before playing. This facilitates the handling of emergency messages and assists in keeping an accurate account of the number of rounds played.

Children 10 years and younger are not permitted to play on the municipal courses unless they can show they are capable of playing at a reasonable speed of play and can demonstrate a good knowledge of the rules and regulations associated with the game of golf. Forward tees should be suggested for slower players. Children 11 and 12 years of age may play when accompanied by an adult. The City's designated representative may remove any player from the course when the person cannot reasonably hit the ball or keep up with the normal pace of play.

The Director of Parks and Recreation or a designated representative, may remove and/or restrict a golfer or golfers from the course for violations of course rules or golf etiquette, intoxication, damaging course, refusal to let people play through when holding up play or failure to follow course design from a hole to hole basis or any other violation that is felt to be detrimental to other people or the course. Restricted golfers will have the right of appeal to the Golf Committee.

Each player must have a bag and set of clubs before teeing off.

Golfers on weekends, holidays or busy weekdays must play in foursomes or fivesomes as assigned by the starter. In no case will sixsomes be allowed between April 1 and September 30, and then only at the discretion of the PGA Professional or professional staff of said golf course.

No outside alcoholic beverages will be permitted on the golf course or on the City-owned premises surrounding the golf course. All alcoholic beverages purchased from the golf course lounge must be consumed on the golf course. Violators will be prosecuted.

No person shall play on a golf course after said course has been closed for any reason by the course Superintendent or PGA Professional.

No person shall be permitted to use the practice range or the practice putting green when they have been designated closed by the PGA Professional or course Superintendent.

The practice putting green is for the use of those interested in putting practice. It is to be given the same treatment as any other green on the course.

Controlled pitching onto the practice putting green is not allowed outside of 20 feet. Pitching onto the practice green at the Ager Golf Course is not allowed.

All privately owned golf cars will be required to pay a daily golf car use fee, except for a few individuals eligible to purchase an annual cart permit. A list of these individuals is available from the Parks and Recreation office. Only authorized motorized riding cars are permitted on the Ager Golf Course except for maintenance and marshaling.

No vehicle other than a golf car shall be permitted on the golf course without permission of a designated City representative.

Children under 16 or anyone without a valid driver's license shall not be permitted to rent or operate a power golf car.

The PGA Professional and the Course Superintendent have the right to refuse car rental to anyone who has abused the use of the car previously.

The Course Superintendent or PGA Professional shall close the course to golf cars when, in their opinion, cars would damage the course.

Players shall never push or pull any cart or drive any power car on any green, green apron, between green and trap, on the tee, or through any trap. They shall keep out of wet or soggy areas, and should try to avoid pulling carts or driving cars in worn traffic areas where grass is unable to grow.

All players are required to replace the turf removed by their clubs when hitting golf shots or taking practice swings.

All players are required to repair depressions (ball marks) made by their golf ball landing on the green and are asked to repair one other ball mark.

No hitting off greens. A free drop off the green is allowed with no penalty.

Every effort is made to protect a person's property in and around the clubhouse and parking lot, but the City is not responsible for articles lost, stolen or damaged.

Shirts and appropriate shoes must be worn in all areas at all times.

Acceptable shoes must be worn on the golf course. Cowboy or other boot type shoes, football or cleated style shoes and high heel shoes are not permitted. No bare feet on the course.

Operational Control of Golfers

All season ticket holders must present their cards to the cashier and pay the greens fee and improvement fund fee.

Each player is responsible for seeing that he/she has received a cash register receipt or a ticket and that it is retained in his/her possession until completion of the round.


  1. Eligibility: any organization, group or individual may request a tournament or league.
  2. Process of obtaining a tournament or league:
    1. An official application must be completed and submitted to the golf course you are requesting. Applications are available on this web site or can be obtained by calling any Lincoln City Golf Course facility or the City Parks and Recreation Department at 402-441-7847
    2. An executed copy of the application will be returned to the requesting group.

Rules and regulations for golf tournaments:

All charges will be included on the bill to the group or organization holding the event and are due and payable the day of the event. The Course will not collect any fees from individual tournament/outing participants.

Golf Cars:
The Course golf car fleet consists of 55 cars available for tournament use. Additional cars that are needed to accommodate the group must be reserved through the Golf Professional(s) in adequate time to assure their availability. The Course is not responsible for non-availability of additional golf cars. If additional golf cars are needed, the group will be charged for a minimum of 55 cars, plus any additional costs, including minimum deliveries, cancellation charges, etc. incurred by the Professional(s) for the additional cars rented.

All golf car operators must be l6 years old or older and hold a valid drivers license. The Group will be charged the full regular rate for any cars used by non-golfers. The Group is responsible for any improper use or damage to the car or golf course caused by the use of golf cars by their players and their guests.

The Course will endeavor to present the golf course in the best possible playing condition for your tournament, however, circumstances beyond our control may at times create less than ideal conditions. As long as the golf course is deemed playable and all 18 holes are available, no allowances will be given. At certain times during the year, course maintenance procedures may be required, which may include Aerification, topdressing, over-seeding, etc., and will be carried out as weather permits. The Course cannot delay our schedule due to any pending event. The Course will not, however, perform any of this maintenance on the actual day of your tournament, and will make every effort to schedule normal maintenance as to not affect scheduled events. Weather dependent, a cart paths only play will be at the discretion of The Course Superintendent.

Tournament organizers are responsible for notifying and ensuring that all tournament participants adhere to The Course rules and regulations. The Course reserves the right to refuse play to any individual in violation of said rules and regulations. The Course will enforce a soft spike rule, and other local rules as needed. All players must maintain a pace of two hours and sixteen minutes for 9 holes and four hours and twenty one minutes for 18 holes. Groups delaying play will be asked to catch up or skip a hole if necessary. Tournament Organizers are required to provide the course with a guaranteed number of players eight (8) days in advance of the tournament date. The tournament will be charged for the minimum guaranteed attendance number (the number we have eight (8) days in advance) or the actual number in attendance, whichever is higher.

The P.G.A. Professionals at the Lincoln City Golf Courses offer a wide range of products which are available for your special golf event. They would include a Professional pro shop, personalized tournament gifts and prizes, group instructional clinics before or after your tournament, and a variety of services (i.e. scorecards, score sheets, cart signs, handicapping, trophies, on course contests, gift bags, etc.) to enhance your tournament experience.

Food Beverage:
All food and beverage products and services are provided by The PGA Golf Professionals. Due to State restrictions, liquor laws and insurance coverage, The PGA Professionals must purchase all food and beverage items consumed at the facility (including the grounds, golf course, and clubhouse). No exceptions can be made. All menus must be prearranged. Specific arrangements for food and beverage functions (menus, attendance numbers, times, etc.) are covered under a separate Banquet/Catering Agreement.

Servers and bartenders are trained in responsible beverage service. Their decision is final in all matters pertaining to refusal of service of intoxicated patrons. Arrangements can be made for safe transportation for intoxicated patrons. The Course procedures will be followed for reporting intoxicated patrons who refuse our suggestion of alternate transport service. It is strongly recommended that party hosts prearrange with us to assume any charges for the safe transport of their friends and guests. The group is responsible for the conduct of their players and guests.

Speed of Play

The following suggestions, if used by all golfers, should speed up play for everyone.

  1. Move to the next tee before marking your score card for the hole just completed.
  2. Always lay your clubs or park your cart well off the side of the green closest to the next tee.
  3. Read your putt while others are putting, as long as you do not distract them. Read putts rapidly - the green is where time is lost.
  4. Be prepared to hit immediately if it is safe and you are away. Pre-shot routines should be executed without delay.
  5. Confine yourself to not more than one practice swing if it your turn to hit.
  6. Repair your golf ball marks on the green. Replace divots.
  7. Practice putting on the practice green only.
  8. Any group moving slow enough not to hold its position must play faster or allow faster players to pass through. No clear hole shall be permitted ahead of your group if someone is following.
  9. Hit only one golf ball unless you feel there is a real need for a provisional golf ball.
  10. Disregard honors on the tee and shoot without waiting your turn if the player with honors is, for some reason, not ready.
  11. Do not wait your turn to play from the fairway or rough if there is a safe distance between you and other players in your group or the group ahead.
  12. Try to select your club for your next shot as you approach your golf ball so that you are ready to shoot when your turn comes.
  13. Mark all shots, particularly wild shots, with some landmark in order to limit the area to be searched. Remember the rules only allow five (5) minutes to look for a lost ball.
  14. When it is your turn to putt, putt continuously until you hole out, unless another player requests you to mark your golf ball to avoid your standing in his line of putt.
  15. Clean your golf ball on the putting green only once before first putt.
  16. As users of the City of Lincoln Golf Courses, we expect you to observe all the rules and etiquette of the course and the game.
  17. A copy of USGA Rule Book is available in the clubhouse. Please ask to see it at any time. Or see it online at the USGA web site

The Parks and Recreation Department, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and Golf Committee welcome your comments and recommendations regarding the Lincoln City Golf Program. Please feel free to contact any of the following individuals:

The Mayor, City Council Members, the Parks and Recreation Department Staff, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, or the Advisory Board Golf Committee Members which includes LMGA, Senior League and LWMGA Representatives, will welcome any comments and recommendations from the golfing public. Please fee free to contact any individuals involved with the above. Names and telephone numbers can be obtained from the Parks and Recreation Department Offices, 402-441-7847.