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Nature InformationGreat Blue Heron

Pioneers Park Nature Center is dedicated to providing a place for the public to experience, observe and gain information about the plants and animals of Nebraska. This goal is supported by the land with its varied habitats, exhibits that change regularly, brochures, and informational articles that appear in various publications. 

Exhibit Animals

The Nature Center cares for a variety of animals.  The raptor on exhibit have all been injured and are non-releasable.  Our building staff is happy to get out a snake or turtle for a closer look.

Outside animals:

  • Small herds of bison, American elk and white-tailed deer
  • Bald eagle
  • Great horned and barred owls
  • Red-tailed hawks
  • Turkey vulture
  • Wild turkeysOwl

Indoor animals:

  • Screech and barn owls
  • American kestrels
  • Box and Blanding’s turtles
  • Snakes: bullsnake, western hognose, prairie and black rat snakes, fox snake
  • Tiger salamander
  • Gray treefrog

Live from the Nature Center