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Centennial Mall

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Nebraska's Centennial Mall
Built in 1967 to commemorate the state’s centennial year, Centennial Mall extends from the State Capitol seven blocks north on what would be 15th Street and is part of the City Parks system. The Mall serves as the scenic connection between the Nebraska’s iconic State Capitol and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The mall’s fountains have been a source of pride for many Nebraskans and are featured in a variety of the state’s tourism and promotional materials.  

In the last 40 years, the infrastructure and landscape plantings along the Mall have become aged to the point of deteriorating condition and are beyond the point of practical repair. 

The City of Lincoln has committed $2.2 million to assist in funding essential improvements to Centennial Mall. Plans for a major renovation include new landscaping and green spaces and addresses safety and accessibility issues.

Master plan moving forward
On December 16, 2010, the Capitol Environs Commission approved the master plan for the renovation of Nebraska’s Centennial Mall, after a presentation made by Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department officials and the design team.

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