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Public Pools Events & Programs

The 2014 season starts Saturday, May 24. Hours for July 4th are 1-5pm at all locations.

Aquatics Office

1225 F Street,
Second Floor (inside F Street Community Center)
402-441-7960 (year round).

Pool Locations

Map of the Pools
Pool contact information and hours

  • Arnold Heights Pool, 4000 N.W. 46th St., 402-441-7829
  • Ballard Pool, 3901 N. 66th St., 402-441-7898
  • Belmont Pool, N. 12th & Manatt, 402-441-7826
  • Eden Pool, 4400 Antelope Creek Rd., 402-441-7827
  • Highlands Aquatic Center, 5511 N.W. 12th St., 402-441-7800
  • Irvingdale Pool, 1900 Van Dorn St., 402-441-7828
  • Star City Shores Aquatic Center, 4375 S. 33rd St., 402-441-6670
  • Trago Park Sprayground, N. 22nd & U St.
  • University Place Aquatics Center, 2000 N. 48th St., 402-441-7834
  • Woods Pool and Sprayground, S. 33rd & J St., 402-441-7782

*Pool phone numbers are only connected during the pool season.

Sprayground Locations

  • Trago Park, N.  22nd & U St.  (Free admission, open Memorial Day through Labor Day, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
  • Woods Sprayground, S. 33rd & J St., 402-441-7782

Swim & Diving League

Neighborhood based teams, great exercise and skill building are just some of the benefits. Participants must have minimal swim/dive skills. This is not a replacement for swimming lessons. Swim teams are at most public pool locations. Dive teams available at some locations. Ages 6-18. Visit the Swim and Dive Team page for more information.

Swim Lessons

We use the American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program. We also offer classes for adults, and special needs. Classes are typically held Monday-Thursday for two weeks. Evening classes have modified schedules. For general information visit the Swim Lessons page, or for schedules and to register click on the "Register Online" button located at the top of the sidebar.

2014 Sessions

Session 1: June 16-26
Session 2: June 30-July 10
Session 3: July 14-24
Session 4: July 28-Aug 7
Fee: Varies by program

For more information email

Pool Rules

  • Kids under 7 must be accompanied by a person 16 or older
  • If a diaper is worn, it must be a swim diaper.
  • Street clothes and cutoffs are not allowed.
  • Floating apparatus allowed in baby pool only.
  • Inner tubes, air mattresses and water wings are not allowed.
  • Water toys are generally not allowed.
  • US Coast Guard or Red Cross life jacket is allowed.
  • No smoking in any pool area.
  • Air temperature must reach 70 degrees by 3p or pool may close. Once closed, it will not reopen.
  • Hours may be altered during inclement weather.
  • Additional rules are posted at the entrance of the pool.