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Each year about a million “treks” happen on Lincoln’s trails.  With over 131 miles of hard surface and crushed rock trails, you can get just about anywhere you want to go using both on and off street routes.  There are also several miles of hiker/biker trails within our parks making our system top notch.  Whether you ride, run, jump or skip, using Lincoln’s trails are the perfect way to stay fit and save gas!

For additional information and resources about biking in Lincoln and surrounding trails, visit Bike Lincoln

We are always making improvements to our trails system.  Check back often for updates on our current and future projects. 

Trail closures due to recent flooding - updated 6/15/15

We fully understand everyone's concerns regarding the trails and know they have become major transportation routes for many. We are making every effort to get them open, however we have been slow to proceed until we get answers from FEMA as to what will be covered. Once those answers are made, we will move forward in the best way possible to make the repairs. FEMA requires a certain process to follow so we need to make sure that process is followed to get reimbursed.

We also appreciate the assistance we have received from the many individuals who have offered to volunteer to help repair the trails. If we could use them to make the repairs, we would definitely have taken everyone up on their offer. The challenge we have is the repairs require the use of heavy equipment to do it right. The Jamaica North Trail crushed limestone requires an installation process similar to the installation of asphalt which requires heavy equipment to evenly distribute the limestone and then even heavier equipment to get it packed so there isn't loose limestone. Regarding the section of trail closed at 48th, the problem is on the west side of the street where there is a void under the concrete approach to a culvert. Until that void has been filled, the trail will remain closed. Regarding the under passes on the Billy Wolff Trail at 84th and Old Cheney, we will power wash them once the rainy cycle stops. So everyone is aware, we had a study conducted to help determine why we are having the sediment problem in these two underpasses. From the results of that study, we are developing plans to renovate the approaches to both of the underpasses that will move the sediment downstream and not collect in them. Funding is available so once those plans have been completed, we will make the repairs. Regarding the Bison Trail, we continue to work on cleaning that trail off.

There have also been many comments regarding the Salt Creek Levee Trail between Charleston and 14th Street. The LPSNRD is building this trail that was federally funded. The LPSNRD is doing everything they can do to get the trail completed by the contractor, and until it has been completed and accepted by LPSNRD, the trail will remain closed. The City will take over maintenance of this section so we also want to make sure it is done correctly before we assume maintenance responsibilities.

  • Pioneers Park Nature Center areas: All trails in the Nature Center south of the road and the Chet Ager Building will be closed through Thursday, June 18.

  • Wilderness Park: Due to changes in the course of Salt Creek, erosion of stream banks, as well as debris and downed trees, all due to recent flooding, trails south of Wilderness Day Camp in Wilderness Park will be closed to public access until damage to the trails and bridges can be assessed. Once an assessment of damages is complete a cost and plan of action will be developed to re-establish trails. This process could take several months.

  • Jamaica North: Due to heavy flooding along the Salt Creek floodplain, the Jamaica North Trail south of Pioneers Blvd is closed to the public. This entire stretch of trail has been impacted by storm water flows with portions of the trail being completely wiped out. Once an assessment of damages is complete a cost and plan of action will be developed to re-establish trails. This process could take several months.

  • Boosalis Trail: The portion of the Helen Boosalis Trail that crosses under South 48th Street north of Highway 2 is closed to the public. Due to heavy storm water flow, a portion of the trail has been undermined and is not safe for passage. Once an assessment of damages is complete a cost and plan of action will be developed to re-establish trails. The trail connection and surface crosswalk should be used to cross South 48th Street until this repair can be completed.

  • Bison Trail: A portion of the Bison Trail that passes under the Highway 77 West Bypass is closed to the public. Due to heavy storm water flow, a portion of the trail has been undermined and is not safe for passage. Once an assessment of damages is complete a cost and plan of action will be developed to re-establish trails.

  • Salt Creek Levy Trail: Debris and erosion along the Salt Creek Levy Trail have required that it be closed until debris removal and repairs can be completed.

  • Additional Flood Issues: In addition to the above trails, there are many trails and underpasses that have been impacted by the recent heavy rains and flooding. Trail users are encouraged to take care on wet or muddy trails that may be difficult to negotiate. Silt deposited on trails can be extremely slick when re-wetted by additional rain. Never cross a trail that is underwater. It is difficult to tell how deep water is and it is possible there may be a damaged trail beneath it. Every effort will be made to clear trails as quickly as possible and bring them back to full use.

  • Current projects include:

    • Stonebridge Trail: This trail will provide a connection with the Stonebridge development north of I-80 between Humphrey and Alvo Rd. and east of 14th. When complete, the trail will provide a connection from 14th and Humphrey and the Alvo Rd. Trail west of 14th Streets. It will also connect Schoo Middle School in Fallbrook with Koozer Elementary near Stonebridge. It is expected this trail will be under construction the summer of 2016.

    • Jamaica North Trail: This project has been completed making a connection between Calvert Blvd. and 4th and “A” Street. This connection adds 1.49 miles of trail to the network. This connection completes the trail between downtown Lincoln and Beatrice beginning at 4th and “A” and proceeding south to the Homestead Trail that connects with Beatrice. A final connection is expected to be made in the next few years with the Arena Trail and “N” Street Protected Bikeway. A dedication of the completion will be held on Friday, May 8, 2015 at 5:00 PM. The ceremony will be held under the Van Dorn Overpass south of Park Blvd.

    • Cavett Connector Trail & Tierra/Williamsburg Trail:We are proceeding with final design of the Cavett Connector Trail that will connect the Tierra/Williamsburg trail where currently ends at San Mateo Dr. and will proceed south adjacent to Cavett Elementary School and through the neighborhood eventually connecting with the Yankee Hill Trail near 34th and Yankee Hill. This project is in the ROW phase.

    • Billy Wolff Trail: We have received funding to make improvements to the Billy Wolff Trail beginning with the ramp on the west side of 27th and then proceeding west to the bridge that was installed a couple of years ago connecting the Billy Wolff Trail with the Antelope Valley Trail. The current ramp and trail will be removed and replaced with a 10 feet wide, concrete wide trail. This project is expected to be under construction this spring with a August 2015 completion. The detour will begin where the Billy Wolff and Rock island Trail connect with riders needing to cross 27th and Capital Parkway at grade. Please use the sidewalk on the south side of Capital Parkway between 27th Street and Randolph.

    • Wilderness Park Bike Bridge: The Wilderness Park Bike Bridge between Pioneer Blvd. and Old Cheney has been completed and is now open.

    • Sheridan Street Penny Bridges project: This project will cause a lengthy closure of the Rock Island Trail between Calvert and South Streets beginning May 3 2015 and going through the end of September. The designated detour for this project will be along Calvert, east to 33rd, then north along 33rd to South Street and west to the Rock Island Trail. Other options are available including going west to 31st Street and then north along 31st to Van Dorn and east to the trail. Riders need to find a route that works best for them since the trail will be closed at Sheridan during the length of the project.

    • Old Cheney Trail: Between 70th and 82nd is a Public Works Project that is expected to be complete Spring 2015. Completion of this section of trail will make a connection on the west and the Rock Island Trail near 14th the Billy Wolff and 84th Street trails on the east.

    • Yankee Hill Trail (between 70th and 91st): This is a Public Works Project that will provide a trail along Yankee Hill and a connection with a new Middle School at 84th and Yankee Hill. This project will be constructed when Yankee Hill is improved. Expected completion is August 2017.

    • Pioneers Park Trail – Phase III is in the initial phase of design. This project will provide a connection along the southern edge of Pioneers Park with the western edge of the park. Expected completion is August 2016.

    • Miscellaneous projects: Stormwater management projects along the Rock Island Trail between South and Calvert will have temporary closures while that project moves forward during 2015. In addition, various sections of trail around Lincoln will have improvements made that involve replacing panels of concrete that have cracked. This is expected to take place along the Pine Lake Trail between 14th and 27th Streets and the 84th Street north of Adams.