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Community Foresty Volunteer Program

Contact Name: Janet Ball
Contact Phone: 441-7847
Contact email:
More Information on Community Forestry

A new volunteer program is being developed to engage volunteers in assisting in planting and pruning public street trees and trees in park areas.  The Community Forestry Planner will be responsible for developing and overseeing this new program.  Volunteers will receive training in tree planting and pruning similar to the Master Gardener program.  Volunteers will then assist in planting trees along streets and in parks.  Volunteers will also assist in pruning young street trees and young trees in parks.  Volunteers will be using hand equipment, and will work from the ground. These ideas are modeled after successful and highly effective community forestry volunteer programs in other communities that are helping to proactively plant and manage urban trees.

We anticipate that the community forestry volunteer program will begin in early 2011.  If you are interested in receiving more information about the program, including how you can be involved, please complete and submit a Volunteer Application form.  Also, please watch this website location for updated information about the new volunteer program.