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"A civilization flourishes when people plant
trees under which they will never sit."

-Greek Proverb

Volunteers are FUNdamental to Lincoln Parks and Recreation!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the value of one volunteer hour is $19.51. Each year, community volunteers donate up to 30,000 hours to Lincoln Parks and Recreation—which is a $585,000 savings for Department’s annual operating budget.

Parks and Recreation volunteers not only impact our bottom line by providing important services, they get a great sense of community pride for supporting Lincoln’s greatest resource—our City Parks and Recreation system.

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, such as teaching hobbies, coaching youth, special events like “Wake up the Beds” at Sunken Gardens, parks and trail cleanups and landscape maintenance. We provide volunteer activities for individuals, organizations and businesses which can be one-day events or ongoing activities.

We ask that all volunteers complete a volunteer application and other appropriate forms, which helps us track your hours, skills and interests.

Thank you for donating your time to help Lincoln Parks and Recreation!